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We develop solutions

to maximise the value to the business it serves

Our Services

Our Services

We are business-oriented coding architects, and our offering is our team's time, knowledge and engagement. Our offerings comes in below forms:

Digital Solutions

Whether it's web or mobile app development, we specialise in crafting bespoke solutions. And we do this by following a few simple principles such as: understand the business problem, find the bottleneck and collaborate toward the goal.

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Application Modernisation

With careful planning and the right approach, we help customers unlock the user experience, faster speed to market, process efficiencies and business performance by replacing legacy applications that are impeding their ability to scale.

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Platform Strategies

Every organisation needs a Digital Platform Strategy. We help build core platform architecture that encompasses providers, consumers and employees to exchange goods, services and social interaction quickly, adaptively and continuously.

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Why choose CNATIVES?

Businesses need software that solves problems specific to their industry. However, with developers often disconnected from core business needs, technical solutions are often ineffective.

Reasons to choose CNATIVES
  • Innovative solutions in line with user and business needs
  • Quality and sustainable solutions at the most competitive price
  • Personal Attention by the expert holding 23+ years of experience
Founded by Mrudul Palvankar - an experienced IT Architect

We at CNATIVES, understand the challenges faced by small and medium businesses (SMBs) in developing solutions that are sustainable and are faster to adopt any change etc. Our approach to software design is based on the understanding of the business domain explored in collaboration with domain experts. And we do this by:


Our work

We're dedicated to providing top-quality products and service because your success is our success.

Automation of Confirmation & Reconciliation​

Our clients business was functioning on a non-automated system and needed to be transformed into automated, scalable and performant service provider.

Event Driven
Cloud Native
Machine Learning

Entertainment Industry Market Place

To improve application scalability, maintainability & time to market ...

Machine Learning
Domain Driven Design

Business Process Test Automation

Business process testing with ability to perform automated + on-demand testing with test reports

Rest Assured
Business Consultation

Architecture & Design Consulting

Wellness platform with streaming and on-demand videos covering body, mind and soul wellness.

AWS Media

Resource Planning for Agri-Tech Industry

Customised ERP Platform for Greenhouses & Nurseries supporting all parts of their business.

Solar Panel

Energy Portal

Energy portal that maximises gains for multiple plants, through analysis of key plant performance parameters and alerts based preventive maintenance



We work with the latest and most renowned tech stacks and platforms.

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